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New Apple Patent Might Turn Your iPhone Into a Home Remote

It might be wondering, what do we mean by Home-Remote right? Well, in the last couple of days, apple acquired a few new patents. You know that you can already control your security cameras, sprinklers, Netflix, A/C unit and other devices with your iPhone. But, this new patent is way more powerful; it is about a broad control system that will let you control other devices, like TVs, your home sound system, l ...

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There Might Be Two New iPhones

Hello there! First of all, I want to apologize with everyone for not writing that much these past months. Most of you know our situation, we are college students, we live a very active life and we have to work almost all day to pay rent and tuition. This is just our hobby, and sometimes we can not post as many things as we would like to. Apologies for that. Anyway! let's talk about Apple and the future of t ...

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The Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion Controller is a gadget that acts like the Kinect, but in Apple computers. This will change forever the way we use computers nowadays. It is more useful than touch computers, since you can use it for a few feet away. The concept is very simple, the device recognizes the motion of your hands and acts like a touch device for the computer. Take a look at the video and if interested you can order ...

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Apple iWatch

There is a new patent by Apple in the United States. The patent number 20130044215 was registered last Thursday and it's a gadget that seems to be a flexible watch. According to the request, apple is experimenting with ways to integrate flexible components into a bracelet. Apparently, the device could pair with iOS devices to see resent calls, text and maps. Apple will do great with this device. Hopefully w ...

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Apple Could Release a Smart-watch Next Year

The technology site TGbus says that Apple and Intel are working together to create a smart-watch in 2013. According to TGbus, the watch would be blue-tooth capable and it will be able to connect to user's iPhone, allowing the user to remotely operate the phone from his or her wrist. This is a good move from Apple since many other companies try to make smart watches for the iPhone. They will probably sell mo ...

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Google Chrome Browser shots to top of iTunes free app chart.

Google's chrome browser is already at the top of Apple's iOS App Store as the most popular free app at the moment. Released just 3 days ago , this is quite an achievement for Google. Users are not only downloading it, they like it as well. Chrome has a nice 4.5 /5 rating right now in the iOS App Store. Chrome has the abilty to sync your bookmarks, tabs and history with your PC or other devices running Chrom ...

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