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Hello every one, I'm Jorge Blanket, a Hispanic guy, born in Texas, raised by a pack of wolves in Mexico City. I spend my free time, playing video games (mostly Halo or Nintendo's first parties), drawing, watching movies or TV series, reading novels and comics or just listening to music. I am a true Star Wars fan and I can't wait for the government to build the real death star. I hope you enjoy the site.

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Google Fiber Might Be Coming To Your City

Google Fiber is a broadband gigabit internet and TV services provided by Google through a fiber-optic network which is presumably "100 times faster than today's average broadband speeds" according to Google. The project started in Kansas City in March of 2011. The following years it was expanded to other several cities in the state of Kansas. The project was later expanded to the cities of Provo and Austin. ...

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Nokia Phones 2013

One of our followers requested a specific post, and since it's the first time... why not? Ok, so she was asking which are the new current models (not upcoming) from Nokia. I am not gonna talk about all the features, but they are not that different from each other, I'm just gonna cover the very basic ones, but if you want to know the full specifications you can click here. Of course all of these are running ...

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New Apple Patent Might Turn Your iPhone Into a Home Remote

It might be wondering, what do we mean by Home-Remote right? Well, in the last couple of days, apple acquired a few new patents. You know that you can already control your security cameras, sprinklers, Netflix, A/C unit and other devices with your iPhone. But, this new patent is way more powerful; it is about a broad control system that will let you control other devices, like TVs, your home sound system, l ...

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There Might Be Two New iPhones

Hello there! First of all, I want to apologize with everyone for not writing that much these past months. Most of you know our situation, we are college students, we live a very active life and we have to work almost all day to pay rent and tuition. This is just our hobby, and sometimes we can not post as many things as we would like to. Apologies for that. Anyway! let's talk about Apple and the future of t ...

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LG Announces New Smartphone Display

LG is the pioneer in most of the technology that we use nowadays on a regular basis. Now, the company has announced a new high-definition display with a 2560x1440 resolution. Apparently, the screen is about 1.20 mm thick and will be available only for smartphone displays.This screen is not only the world's first 2560x1440 display, but it will also be much more brighter with 430 nits, and a resolution of 539 ...

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Vine Has Now Over 40 Million Users

Some of you already know what Vine is, but for those who don't know, Vine is a mobile video service introduced in January by Twitter. This application lets users capture and share short looping videos, kind of like GIFs over the web. The thing is that the company had 13 million users subscribed in June and this Tuesday  Twitter said that now there are over 40 million users registered. This kind of short-vid ...

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Surface Touch Cover For Free!

Some good news for people with the desire of buying a Microsoft Surface RT. As we have seen, the Microsoft Surface is not the cheapest of the Windows tablets out there. Even the toch keyboards are pretty expesive, with price tags of $120. How bothering is that the tablet that you just got doesn't come with a cover? and besides that, the cover is so expensive? Well, Microsoft has been thinking and  making ve ...

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First 8-inch Windows 8 Tablet

The new generation of Intel processors is already here, and Acer is one of the first developers experimenting with the 4th-gen Core i-series "Haswell" processors. Acer will release a new ultrabook, an all-in=one computer, and a new tablet with this new generation of processors. This time, I want to talk about the 8-inch tablet, and share some of the specs with our subscribers. The name is Acer Iconia w3, as ...

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Asus announces super-sized ultra HD monitor

Most of us are probably browsing our computer with a typical monitor with ok resolution that you bought for $100 or on the one that is built-in your laptop. Guess what? no more 1080p, no more retina display crap. The feature is near and we need feature now, we need to think ahead and buy this amazing monitor from Asus. First of all, this incredible display is 31.5 inches in size. Not impressed  ok, what abo ...

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Pandora is still leader in internet radio

We all know what Pandora is and how good is their service of radio streaming  Pandora has been around since 2000, and it has been growing a lot. In the last two years, Pandora got even more popular and now they have 200 million subscribers; the double amount than two years ago. This March, people over the world streamed 1.5 billion hours of music, played more than 100,000 artists and over one million differ ...

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