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There Might Be Two New iPhones

There Might Be Two New iPhones

Hello there! First of all, I want to apologize with everyone for not writing that much these past months. Most of you know our situation, we are college students, we live a very active life and we have to work almost all day to pay rent and tuition. This is just our hobby, and sometimes we can not post as many things as we would like to. Apologies for that.


Anyway! let’s talk about Apple and the future of the iPhone. Or should I say iPhones? The thing is that many people around the world have been talking about Apple going to release two new iPhone models this next generation. One might be the iPhone 5s, which will be as usual an upgrade of the current iPhone five, with minor upgrades such as more resolution, better camera and those things. The good thing is that it will be running a new processor and it has been rumors about it having a finger print unlock future.


The other new member of the iPhone family is said to be the iPhone5C. Many people said that C stands for CHEAP, but no! it stands for Color!!


This is a new version that is supposed to be a cheaper version with lower quality finishes and materials. Being honest I missed those days where Apple products where in colors, even their computers and laptops, I miss my blue G3 computer! I love the looks of the new iTouch and that’s the main reason why I keep on buying just the Nanos, they were the only ones in colors. I don’t know many things about this upcoming phone, but I am excited to see that Apple is going back to the basis and that they are interested in making cheaper products for all different types of buyers. Doing good Apple! Doing good.

Source: ABCnews

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