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Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarette

Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarette

Many of you know that I smoke a lot. I tried to quit, but it is not that easy. I spent many hours doing research in many places and trying different brands. There are many good options available out there, probably more than 300 American brands, but never buy the ones from the mall, those are made in china and they have very low quality. The good brands are only available online, why? because they are not FDA approved, but I think that all the big brands like Marlboro and Camel pay them a huge amount of money to keep the competition out of the way. Anyway, many former smokers around the world agreed that the best brands are: Apollo, Green smoke, V2 Cigs, Safe Cig, Njoy and Smoke Tip. But when it comes to prices, the starter kit and the refill cartridges of Smoke Tip are the cheapest, they have free shipping and the batteries have guarantee for life. They also have many accessories available and very good deals every month, for example, this black Friday you could have bought two starter kits for one.

What is an electronic cigarette? Basically it is a vaporizer with a battery and nicotine. Why is it better this than a conventional cigarette? it does not have any other chemicals other than the nicotine, which is the addicting part. A regular cigarette has thousands of harmful chemicals. Also, with the electronic cigarettes you inhale and exhale water vapor, not smoke!! You won’t harm anyone else around you and they are odorless too.

The Smoke Tip starter kit is available at $59.95 and it includes a wall charger, a USB charger, two rechargeable lithium batteries and five flavor cartridges. Each pack of 10 cartridges is $19.95 but the price drops depending on how many you order. The cartridges are disposable and they last about 1.5 packs of conventional cigarettes, make the math, you will save tons of money in a year. They have a very good feeling in the hands, it tastes really good, the LED helps to fulfill the experience, and is not has heavy or big as other brands. If you wanna try quit smoking you should give them a try, for more information on accessories and the starter kit, click here.

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