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Casio G-Shock for iPhone

Casio G-Shock for iPhone

Casio has been having a lot more sales since the release of their G-Shock line. It has become a very popular line of wristwatch on the last three years. Now Casio is releasing a new model to the G-shock family, the GB69000AA. This is the first smart-watch released by Casio. With Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, this watch can be linked with your iPhone and sync alerts for calls, email, and security. The watch can be programed to either beep or vibrate to alert the user. The best function of this phone (personal opinion) is that when there is too much distance between the phone and the watch, it will alert you, so you won’t leave your phone in the public restroom again.

Obviously there are many better options for smart watches, such as the Sony Smartwatch which is cheaper and with much more applications such as mp3 and Facebook, and the Italian I’m Watch, which runs android and has multiple apps, but at a way more expensive price tag. You can get your G-Shock for only $180 and it is available with selected retailers or online.

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