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Features Apple was “inspired” by

Features Apple was “inspired” by

Ok let me start of by saying, im not scolding Apple for “coping” these features, its just the way the industry works, you learn from your competition, but what annoys me though, is that Apple does exactly what they sue there competition for doing. Now if that’s not messed up, then i dont know what is.
For example lets say Sony made a round tv with 3d, 4K HD, and the ability to plug your phone into tv, and video chat, play games etc, and everyone loved it. Don’t you think other Manufactures would want to be able to compete and make a similar product. Are they coping, maybe should they be sued for it. I dont think so.

1. Notifications

(Android on left, iOS5 on right)

Bravo Apple very creative notification system you got there.
Date Android has had pull down notification bar – 2007 when Android was announced
Apple – October 12, 2011 when Apple released iOS5

2. Twitter integration (iOS5)
with ios5 Apple also integrated Twitter into the OS, thats great and all but what if you dont want it, or what if you like a different service better like facebook, google+ etc. Well you can simply not use Twitter, but its still there and you can’t use anything else, Android however has API’s that let any app developer (twitter, facebook etc) integrate there service into the OS (share button in gallery, apps etc) just by installing there app from the google play store, again this is nothing new for Android.

3. Do Not Disturb & Call-Message Reply: (iOS6 Beta) Do not Disturb is not part of android exactly , but is available for Google voice users, But SMS reply when someone is calling straight from dialer screen, has actually been available as part of Samsung Touchwiz ui, before apple implemented, and has also been implemented in stock Android 4.0

4. Safari Tab Sync: (iOS6 beta) One word Chrome

5. Turn-by-Turn Navigation: (iOS6 beta) One word Google maps

6. Siri: Many people dont realize that Android actually has had a very sophisticated Voice search for quite some time now, granted it didn’t (up until jellybean) talk to you, you could do all the things one would expect/are actually useful, like “Text “insert persons name” ill be there soon.” ,” Call john” “Navigate to bestbuy” or similar just something you want to lookup on google “Solor eclipses” for example. You couldn’t have a conversation with your phone, but is that really useful anyhow?

Now was Android the first to have all these features, no probably not, but thats not my point.

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